Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Granny Squares

Granny Squares

Recently I have been wanting to make something with a camo type yarn and a bright color. Because I am suppose to be making my trip back to Germany soon, I didn't want to embark on a difficult knitting or crochet project. I have done baby blankets in the past and they usually take about a day or two to crochet. However, I didn't want to just make any blanket, it had to be challenging for me to want to finish it.

Often I will get many questions about knitting or crochet. Questions like, "how do you purl again?" or, "whats the treble crochet?" However, I am ashamed to say that I have NEVER made a granny square. How embarrassing right? So I Google patterns and tutorials on how to crochet a basic granny square and I came across a very useful website called craftsylish the contributing author Linda Permann demonstrated so beautifully step by step how to crochet a granny square. The author also gave her bit of two sense that made this daunting task easier.

Once I made my first granny square, I caught on and was able to whip out a square less than 5 minutes. I experimented with different color variations with the Red Heart camo and hot pink yarns.

I am not finished. However, I would like to share my milestone. Here are the pictures of the granny squares I have completed thus far.

I am not sure how I feel about the color choices. It seems a little gaudy, but perhaps it can be used for a nice blanket for a hunting or camping trip. Or I could make a granny blanket just out of the pink squares. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Winners of the Magic Warble Giveaway

The Winners of the Magic Marble giveaway by Victoria Simcox; are Shanda Kendall and Giedre Sliumbra. We will be hosting the sequel to Magic Warble The Black Shard Soon. Keep checking back. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheet Have You Any Wool?

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?

My dream job would to work for a yarn shop and just knit all day. I absolutely enjoy knitting and its a great pastime to quit bad habits, pass time, and calm the mind. It may sound silly to some, but I dream of having a few alpacas and sheep for the simplicity of using their coat for yarn. I never really put much thought in the yarn making process. 

I have always adored art yarn but could never bring myself to buy the costly art yarns that range from $30-40 a skein. So I decided its about time I teach myself how to spin yarn. I went to the local yarn store here in Sandy and bought a yarn spindle and a bag of merino wool roving. A total cost of about $27.00. Its cheaper then buying a skein of art yarn so what the heck. I thought spinning yarn would be very easy, but it turns out that its trickier than I thought. My first attempts my roving kept kinking up and I could not manage to make yarn without it either being so thin is breaks or two thick and uneven. 

I realized that yarn spinning is not going to happen overnight and that it is going to take much practice like it did learning how to knit and crochet. I feel that I have almost mastered both but I remember when I had a moment where it seemed that things just clicked. 

I was however, able to form about a 1 oz ball of yarn. The gage in the yarn however varied greatly. Because I am in the process trying to get back to my husband in Germany all my knitting supplies were sent home. The circulars that I do have, had my knitted prayer shawl on them. And the only crochet hook I had was a size N hook. Huge. But I said what the heck I have enough yarn for a newborn hat. I am pleased at how the variety in gage gave an interesting range of textures throughout the hat. 

Now I need to figure out what projects I want to start once I figure out how to spin roving correctly. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Magic Warble By Victoria Simcox Giveaway

Magic Warble By Victoria Simcox Giveaway

Magic Warble Book Information

Approximately 267 Pages long, about 1 to 2 pictures per chapter. Middle School Age Read 9-13.

Dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals and an evil queen. All of these can be found in The Magic Warble, an enchanting tale of friendship and adventure. 

12 Year Old Kristina Kingsly feels like the most unpopular girl in school. The kids all tease her and she never seems to fit in. One Christmas Kirstina received an unusual gift and finds herself magically transported to the land of Bernovem the home of dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and the evil queen Sentiz. 

In Bernovem Kristina not only fits in, she is honored as "the chosen one" the only one who can release the land from Queen Sentiz's control. However, it is not quite simple as it seems. To save Bernovem, she must place the gift that she was given, the famous "Magic Warble"  in its final resting place. And she must travel through the deep forest, climb a treacherous mountain, and risk capture by the queens "Zelblocks" before she reaches her final destination. Guided by her new fairy friends, Clover and Looper and by Prince Werrien, a teenage boy, as well as an assortment of other characters, Kristina sets off on a perilous journey that not only tests her strength but her heart.  

Authors Biography

Victoria was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to an Austrian immigrant mother, and a Dutch immigrant father. She now lives in Western Washington with her husband, Russ and their three children, Toby, Kristina, and William. Her other family members are a Chihuahua, named Pipsy and two cats, named Frodo and Fritz. Besides being an author, Victoria is a home-schooling mother of twelve years and an elementary school art teacher of eleven years. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys managing her two older children's Celtic band. She also loves writing, reading, painting watercolors, hiking, good movies, and just simply hanging out with her family and friends. 

Three lucky readers will have the Opportunity to win a digital copy of the book. This is a fun read that can be downloaded to a Sony reader, ipad etc..that will make for a great read. 

Winners will be notified shortly after giveaway has ended. Winners must respond within 24 hours to claim their copy. 

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