Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafty Weekend Making Pillows!


This year, I have not quite exactly been in the Christmas spirit. I haven't even gone Christmas shopping for my one and only 3 year old daughter. I honestly have no idea what to get her. It seems like she has it all, and even at that she rarely plays with her toys. So I decided that this year, most of the gifts that I would be giving this year would be hand made. I come from a very large family and close knit family, which means that there are plenty of babysitters to go around when needed. So I thought that if I made these super cool pillowcases then maybe, it might be a comfort item when staying the night in a new or different place.

I found a great tutorial on how to make pillowcases that are neat and professional looking without little effort.   The Crafty Gemini . After watching the video several times, I finally figured out how to pin and arrange my fabric in the correct way. This tutorial was SUPER EASY, that after I had made my first pillow case, I made a second one without having to watch the video.  The sewing time only took about 5 minutes, however all the prep-work (cutting fabric, pinning, ironing)  took about an hour. I highly recommend this tutorial and its great for beginners like me!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The "C" word!

Due to certain circumstances, I decided that it was best for me to have my IUD mirena removed. During the procedure my physician went ahead and performed a pap-smear. Doctor said everything looked normal, have a nice day. Approximately a week later, I received a phone call from my family doctor saying that the pap smear had came back abnormal and that it showed that I had precancerous or cancerous cells within my cervix. I was told that I was being referred to a gynecologist who could perform a biopsy on my cervix to determine how severe 'things' were. 

The biopsy for the cervix was much like having a pap-smear performed. Only exceptions is it involves dying the cervix with a vinegar solution and numbing it to snip off a piece of tissue for the biopsy. I felt some minor cramping when it happened but it went away shortly after a few seconds. Then this concoction of a mixture was applied to the area that was biopsied  to expedite the healing process. I was told no sex for at least 24 hours. 

About 4 days later, my doctor called so I wouldn't have to stress over Thanksgiving about my test results. He had told me that I was one level away from it becoming a superficial cancer and that I would also have to have a procedure done to remove the precancerous areas of my cervix. And that would be performed the next time I went into the office. There was also some bad news. He said that it had spread to the glands of my cervix which meant that it could also spread faster to the surrounding areas. When I go in to have the procedure done for my cervix, I will also be having a biopsy done in the uterine area to make sure it has not spread to that area. Worst case scenario, I may be having a hysterectomy. 

At the age of 24 most people my age rarely think of the possibility of developing cancer and diseases. But from my experience it can happen! So ladies please! I urge to please get your pap-smears done at least once a year even every 6 months. Cervical cancer is the number one preventive cancer, and can be cured with surgery if caught in time. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally discovered my New Years Resolution

I really didn't want to create any New Years Resolutions. However, recently I have been noticing that my health is declining. My body is not working the way it should be. I have migraines constantly, Acid Reflux (GERD), Almost Daily Panic Attacks, and now a hard lump in my back. This may contribute from my weight gain, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

1. Get my GERD under control. Which means taking my acid reducer daily, eat small meals, loose weight, avoid fatty foods, spicy foods, anything with caffeine; coffee and chocolate.

2. Exercise Daily. Even if this means going for a walk. Dancing with my daughter. Or biking etc...This will help me maintain and loose weight, and reduce my stress.

3. Become Pill Free- by manage my stress properly. It seems like I am having panic attacks almost on a daily basis. So I need to seriously evaluate my priorities and eliminate unnecessary stress causing activities. Learn ways to cope with my stress; such as deep breathing and mind distraction.

4. Nourish my body. I want to avoid foods that are high processed, contain high amounts of sugar, and artificial sugars. I want to be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, grains, nuts, and seeds that will fuel my body and give me energy to last throughout the day.

I am hoping that once get these things in order my health will improve. And many of the medical issues I am experiencing now will soon be gone.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It is that time of the year where we reflect back, and account for all the things we have accomplished or not accomplished. Last year as part of my new years resolution, I decided that I wanted to master my knitting skills and watch my etsy shop grow. One way I would do this is by creating 52 projects one project for each  week of the year (Yeaaa Right).

Before 2012, the only thing I could knit were blankets and scarves. B-O-R-I-N-G. I have now learned how to use double pointed needles (DPNs) which has allowed me to knit things in the the round. Such as hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, stuff animals etc...Once I figured this out, it felt as if could knit anything.


Here is a blanket that I made for my daughter. Its filled with my favorite colors from Vana's Choice. Its a lot like a prayer shawls. It wraps around her for times mommy cant snuggle. 

These HexiPuffs will be sewn together to make the beekeepers quilt by tinyowlknits. Once I make about 300 of them. Its a great way to use up.

Currently I just finished a hot pink for my dear cousin, and one black one for another cousin. Here are some that I have made and actually photographed. The first one was used by just using red heart soft yarn in a off white color. The second one I used by using Homespun By Lion Brand, which worked up quickly and nicely. 

I have about three sweaters in progress. I just don't have the patience to photograph everything. But here is one picture of a kimono wrap that I am making for my daughter. Unfortunately its on the back burner because I have ran out of the yarn. My local yarn shop no longer carries the yarn and the yarn company no longer makes the yarn I am needing. I am saving up my money to buy it from other online yarn shops to complete it.

I have a dark brown and beige striped sweater using Lion Brand Fisher-mans Wool. That I was making by using the Harry Potter Sweater pattern 

Currently I am learning how to make adult socks. I am using Patons Kroy Sock yarn. Will post pictures soon. I have came a long ways in my knitted. I would have never thought that I could be making hats, sweaters, mittens, and socks. I owe most of this to wonderful youtube. There are many people there who have set up tutorials explaining what the different techniques and stitches are. It has helped. If you feel like something is beyond your skill level , go out there and keep trying until you get the hold of things. Now only if I can get a hold of spinning wool for yarn. 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heaven is for Real Book Review

I normally do not do book reviews, but I wanted to share a life changing book that I just finished reading. Earlier this Spring a friend from church gifted me this book called Heaven is for Real By Todd Burpo. Here is the quickest review: The book is a true story about a boy who became very ill and was at deaths door. During his 'dying' moments this boy had a experience in heaven that changed their family forever. As soon as I started reading, I couldn't stop turning the pages. I won't give the whole story away but the booked changed how I imagined heaven and my heavenly father to be. 

One thing I took from this, is that God really loves us like his own children. We would do anything for our children right? Some of us may even take a bullet for our children. God gave his only son Jesus as a ransom for our sins because he LOVED us so much. Imagine if you had to watch your child suffer in agony like Jesus did. You would be very tempted to put an end to it immediately. I believe God had to turn his back from his son because if he kept watching, he would not be able to follow through with it. I am not sure if it took me being a mother to understand this, but this example changed my perspective in the relationship God wants to have with us. 

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cables Oh My!

Well I created an infinity scarf for myself about a week ago and wanted a matching hat. I wanted cables so I found this pattern off of ravelry called the Chunky Cable Hat by Modern Lace Tin Can Knits and instantly fell in love. I did not have a chunky yarn on hand but I used the yarn I had anyways. Well since I have been on vacation I couldn't afford to buy any premium yarns, so Red Heart soft yarn had to do. Overall the hat turned out great, some areas looked a little loose but overall it looks great in person (I never say this about my own knits). Only one problem the hat was a few inches too short. I immediately placed it on my toddlers head and it fit perfectly. Needless to say, she will be looking good this winter.

I would also like to mention that this was my first project that I have completed with a cable design. Next obstacle lace.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Candy Corn Hats

When I think of fall several things come to mind; the leaves changing color then falling, Halloween, the harvest before winter, and Thanksgiving. So as many of you know I love to crochet and knit, and wanted to find something to make that my daughter could wear during this fall. So as I was searching through the many Ravelry knit and crochet patterns I found a pattern designed by Sarah Sagaser that was called the Candy Corn Hat. I fell in love with this pattern because it was super easy to knit with circular needles, and within the pattern it had clear directions how to make this hat for babies, younger children and adults. When I made this hat I used Vanas Choice Color Mustard for the yellow part and Red Heart Soft Yarn for the orange and white parts. What's nice about this pattern and yarn combination is that the hats have lots of room for stretching the ribbing of the hat is almost like an elastic feel.

As soon as I posted this hat on my facebook page I had an overwhelming response of people who wanted me to make them this hat. Many family members and friends that is. I do sell this hat in my etsy store for 10 dollars.

If you are going to a birthday party or need to make a last minute gift for a friend this is the pattern. Its super easy and took only about two hours to whip out. Plus it doesn't require that much yarn. 

Hope you feel inspired!