Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafty Weekend Making Pillows!


This year, I have not quite exactly been in the Christmas spirit. I haven't even gone Christmas shopping for my one and only 3 year old daughter. I honestly have no idea what to get her. It seems like she has it all, and even at that she rarely plays with her toys. So I decided that this year, most of the gifts that I would be giving this year would be hand made. I come from a very large family and close knit family, which means that there are plenty of babysitters to go around when needed. So I thought that if I made these super cool pillowcases then maybe, it might be a comfort item when staying the night in a new or different place.

I found a great tutorial on how to make pillowcases that are neat and professional looking without little effort.   The Crafty Gemini . After watching the video several times, I finally figured out how to pin and arrange my fabric in the correct way. This tutorial was SUPER EASY, that after I had made my first pillow case, I made a second one without having to watch the video.  The sewing time only took about 5 minutes, however all the prep-work (cutting fabric, pinning, ironing)  took about an hour. I highly recommend this tutorial and its great for beginners like me!

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